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South African companies and government departments have been urged by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to cut ties with global software giant SAP.
SAP has confirmed that it paid R107-million to companies — linked to the Gupta family — and has reported itself to the US Department of Justice.

“We call on all government departments‚ institutions‚ and entities to completely disengage with SAP‚” said the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

The red berets urged SAP to “reveal the names of the individuals” who facilitated the payments and said they should be prosecuted
The US Justice Department has launched a full-scale investigation after a voluntary disclosure by the company.

“Failure of the NPA to pursue this matter means the South African authorities have now outsourced their responsibilities of law and order to foreign nations like the USA‚” Ndlozi said.

“The blame for the inability to prosecute financial crimes by the Guptas‚ particularly in relation to State Owned Entities‚ must be put squarely on the ANC.

“It is an indictment on the ANC as a whole‚ together with all its alliance partners‚ that they have failed‚ as the majority party in government … to stop corruption.”

Source: Sowtean

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