The sperious and baseless allegations postulated in the public domain by some misguided elements are premised on so-called anonymous sources, who in reality are not anonymous but known political arch rivals and rented expletives.

This wild fishing expedition constitute mischief making in the extreme and pathological hate that will utterly and dismally fail.There is simply no shred of evidence being provided of wrong doing except lots and lots verbal diarrhea,hot air and empty threats.
Clearly our detractors keep praying as each day pass with the hope that their idiotic endeavors and repetitive lies may some day become reality thus yielding political dividends.
Simply put this a misguided,laughable and desperate attempt to smear my persona and political standing on the eve of our Provincial and Regional Conferences by a fearful,desperate and retrogressive bunch.
They think and falsely hope that by isolating and attacking me their political fortunes may be enhanced.Some have resorted to renting and conniving with our opponents as it has become fashionable lately.And when caught and exposed in their disdainful acts,try to shamelessly retract their visible tracks.
All they need to know is that honest and genuine members of our Movement will not be fooled nor detracted.
It’s worth reminding Cdes that in our recent arduous march to the NASREC Conference we witnessed lots of such despicable acts by those with an unassailable appetite to lead.But our branches leaders remained vigilant and resolute in repositioning our Movement as a potent force for Socio-Economic Progression.Emerging from Conference with Clarion Call for Sustained Unity and Cohesion.
Furthermore it is worth restating that as the Provincial Treasurer,I occupy the most vantage position in our interface with the Corporate Sector,one of the Key Stakeholders in our body politic.
This exercise is always guided and underpinned by due prudent considerations. Equally, as a Progressive Organisation we remain unapologetic in gearing black business towards meaningful participation in our Common National Endowment, the mainstream economy.
Our affirmation and support of black owned enterprises,and in this instance the only Black Owned Bank with its roots in Limpopo cannot constitute an unwarranted or criminal act.
This doesn’t suggest we condone any wrong doing on the part of the management of VBS Bank.Transgressions that precipitated the current liquidity crisis should be identified and culprits made to account.
Turning to short term municipal investments within Financial Institutions as provided for in Section 13 of the MFMA,our assertion is that the decision making process is always anchored on established and standard internal municipal procedures.Anything to the contrary will have to be corroborated by irrefutable and verifiable proof.
Equally in our Province most Municipalities have had long standing relations with VBS long before one assumed Office as Provincial Treasurer and there is compelling evidence in this regard.And thus any notion of forceful engineered relations and undue influence is utter garbage and totally insane.
Last but not least,since being part of the ANC leadership collective in 2013,none of my companies have transacted with any public sector entity within Limpopo.This wasn’t accidental,but a conscious decision I have taken to steer clear of my enemies.
In conclusion we commend the bold steps taken by appropriate authorities and institutions within government in redressing corporate governance failures within the VBS Bank.

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