Adcock Ingram employees to picket under #Scraplabourbills campaign

Members of the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (Giwusa) are expected to picket outside the offices of Bidvest Group in Midrand on Tuesday.

“In our view‚ this strike is part of our on-going #Scraplabourbills campaign we initiated‚ with our federation SAFTU and other progressive working class and left organisations to fight against the attacks on the trade union movement and working class by President Ramaphosa‚” said union president Mametlwe Sebei.

The workers who will be partaking in the strike are employed by Adcock Ingram‚ a company in which Bidvest has a controlling stake.

“Since Bidvest acquired the controlling stake in the company in 2014‚ it imposed a draconian and highly repressive anti-worker and anti-union industrial relations and disciplinary policies‚” Sebei said.

“They have ceased cooperative approach towards the union and dismiss workers for every minor violation.

“Giwusa believes this is part of the despotic labour regime the President seeks to impose on the whole country‚ which is characterised by poverty wages‚ emasculated trade unions and industrial relations based on collective beggary of workers‚ instead of meaningful bargaining.”

Source: Timeslive

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