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BONTLE Mohlabai is fighting for her life in hospital.

The 19-year-old from Odinburg near Mabopane, Tshwane was shot on Saturday evening in the bush near her home.

Now her family wants answers about the mysterious attack.

Bontle had been with her brother’s girlfriend, Dimakatso Segabo (30) before she left home.

Dimakatso said Bontle had attended Saturday School in the morning and when she came back they spent the day together.

“She then told me she was going to meet a guy. I didn’t ask her much about the guy,” said Dimakatso.

“I didn’t see anything wrong because it was not yet late.”

She said she called Bontle when she realised she had not come back, but she didn’t answer her phone.

“When I called her again after a few hours, her phone was answered by a man but he immediately switched it off.

“I became suspicious and knew that something was wrong,” she said.

Bontle’s brother, Kamogelo Mohlabai (27), said he was at work when he received the sad news.

“A neighbour called me to say Bontle had been shot near our home.

“I rushed to the scene and found Bontle there. We took her to hospital.

“She told me she didn’t see the person who shot her because he came from behind,” Kamogelo said.

“The guy who was with Bontle told us he didn’t see the person who shot at my sister.

“He said they were attacked by thugs.”

Kamogelo said it was strange that the guy wasn’t harmed.

“I’m puzzled that he managed to escape unharmed and my sister was the only person hurt. They took her cellphone but left his.”

Police spokesman Captain Matthews Nkoadi said a case of attempted murder has been opened and police were investigating.

“No one has been arrested yet,” he said.

Source: Dailysun

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