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RESIDENTS of Malahleka are gatvol of their municipality’s empty promises.
The people of the kasi near

Tjakastad in Mpumalanga said officials had not kept their promise to provide them with JoJo tanks.

Madala Benny Thomo said he had been without water for several weeks.

“Water is life and without it we don’t have life. It’s been a while since the Albert Luthuli Municipality brought us water.

“We now have to walk long distances to fetch water,” he said.

The frail madala said he often used his social grant money to hire someone to fetch water for him.

“I live alone. My wife died some years ago and I’m not as healthy as I used to be. But I hate wearing dirty clothes and not being able to bath.”

His neighbour Judaita Lukhele (47) said they were forced to push wheelbarrows to get water from far away.

“Ever since we came here, getting water has always been a struggle,”
he said.

“Maybe it’s time for the municipality to think about bringing taps to our yards, because the JoJo tank here is too small.”

Gogo Eveline Ndinisa (80) said she often fell sick and needed to be clean all the time, but the water situation made this impossible.

“We’re struggling. I can’t walk to get water and I have no one to assist me,” she said.

Municipal spokesman David Nhlabathi said a truck that transports
water to the area had broken down.

But he assured residents that
everything would be back to normal soon.

Source: Dailysun

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