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SHE wanted to escape from her abusive lover, so she made a plan!

The plan backfired and she has been arrested and faces perjury charges.

It’s alleged the woman took her son (7) to a relative in Mpumalanga last Monday, intending to join him later.
To fool her abusive lover, she went to the Etwatwa Police Station, Ekurhuleni, where she opened a missing persons case.

She claimed her son was missing. To make everyone believe her story, she roped in neighbours to help search for her missing son.

But then her plan unravelled quickly.

Following her arrest, angry Barcelona residents want cops to hand her over to them so they can give her a few lashes for lying to them.

Resident Eunice Mbatha said after the woman reported her son missing, they hit the streets, looking for the boy.

“We spent sleepless nights searching for the child.

“We were angry that the cops were not taking the case seriously.”

On Thursday, they even marched to the Etwatwa cop shop to force the cops to act.

The mum and her lover were among the marchers.

“That woman played with our emotions,” she said.

Captain Ramothakhi Maqabe said: “We wasted our resources to help her, but it turned out she lied.

“We urge residents not to open false cases. They might end up being charged.”

Source: Dailysun

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