JIBA’S R100 000 A MONTH!

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ACCORDING TO Angelo Agrizzi, Lawrence Mrwebi received R10 000 a month and Jackie Lephinka R20 000.

But that’s small change compared to the hush money the suspended deputy director of public prosecutions allegedly received.


He said Jiba was code named “Snake”, Mrwebi was called “Snail” and Lephinka was called “J”.

He said former Correctional Services Commissioner Linda Mti was tasked with handling the three.

He said Mti confirmed that they received the money and he also gave Agrizzi confidential documents from the NPA.

In further evidence before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, former Bosasa executive Agrizzi spoke about the friendly relationship between Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson and Jacob Zuma.

In a meeting between himself, Watson and former prison boss Mti, Watson apparently said he would get Zuma to “clean up the mess” after Jiba was compromised following damaging reports in the media, and was facing suspension.

In a recording of the meeting in which Watson told Mti and himself how he was going to handle Zuma now that Jiba had been compromised, Watson said Zuma would have to give them someone in the NPA to help them.

Watson is heard saying that former prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach was not on their side.

He said he would tell the president: “Now Mr President, we need to close this thing down. We need the right people in the right place.”

Watson also apparently said: “I don’t know who is advising the president but he needs to take the right decision now. He hasn’t got much time to go.”

He said: “That’s how I talk to him.”

Among the documents Jiba, Mrwebi and Lephinka allegedly gave to Bosasa were internal memos, affidavits, minutes of meetings with ministry officials and email correspondence between NPA officers.

“I was told that these documents came from the files of the NPA concerning the investigation into Bosasa.” Agrizzi said the documents helped the company to prepare for their cases.

He added that they used the documents in their application to the NPA for non prosecution and said because of the leaked documents, the rights of the individuals implicated, and Bosasa, were violated.

Earlier, Agrizzi told the commission that certain journalists were bribed not to write negative stories about Bosasa.

He said the company’s executive director, Papa Leshabane, was given R71 000 every month to bribe journalists and retired correctional services commissioner Zack Modise. He said journalists were paid not to write negative information about Bosasa.

Source: Dailysun

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