DAWN Limpopo attends court case of Hoedspruit woman stabbed 22 times

The Democratic Alliance Women’s Network (DAWN) in Limpopo has attended a court case at Hoedspruit Magistrate Court this morning where a man arrested for stabbing a woman about 22 times appeared in court.

It is alleged that the suspect had a fight with a woman and stabbed her numerous times on the upper body, hands and on the back and sustained serious injuries.

The incident happened in February 2019 but the suspect was on the run until he was arrested recently.

The victim is recuperating very well at home but still struggling to come to terms with the incident.

The accused this morning applied for legal aid and can apply for bail. He is expected to appear again next week Wednesday, 24 April 2019.

DAWN condemns this barbaric incident and further speaks to the vulnerability of women in our society that are not safe from their partners.

DAWN believes that we have a responsibility to care and protect our most vulnerable members of society against any kind of abuse or sexual offence.

The failing ANC-led government has so far failed to effectively deal with high occurrence of women and children abuse as well as sexual offences.

There is a desperate need for a professional and honest police service that is equipped with skills to deal with victims of sexual offences and gender-based violence especially in rural areas.

The DAWN will mobilise more women to form part of the picket again next week to break the silence against women and children abuse in our society.

The DA remains committed to ending the abuse of our society’s most vulnerable and supporting those who have fallen victim of abuse and sexual offences.

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