Overwhelming public reaction to DA’s latest election TV ad

Extraordinary public reaction after last night’s first screening of the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) latest election advert is extremely encouraging and shows that the people of South Africa are ready to vote the ANC out of government after 25 years of empty promises and failures.

The advert encourages South Africans to keep the dream of 1994 alive, by voting for Change in Election 2019. It depicts the Luthuli House-sponsored cash-in-transit heist scheme, the Marikana massacre which had President Cyril Ramaphosa at the center of it, ANC deifying of the Gupta family and allowing them to loot public money, the Vrede Dairy corruption racket, the ANC/EFF corruption at VBS Bank, burnt match-sticks for street lights and failing Eskom, sky-high fuel and electricity prices, worsening poverty across our communities, and an ANC party feasting on a Bosasa cake while South Africans can only look on.

The DA will never delight in the failure of the ANC. Millions of people have been let down by this government and it is with them that we empathize. That is why we are depicting this picture of the state of our country to encourage people to vote for change on 8 May. We cannot afford another 5 years of ANC government which will be later labelled as ‘wasted’ years.

To receive over 50 000 views across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in just 12 hours makes this the DA’s fastest viewed content ever.

Since last night we have been inundated with South Africans reaching out to access the ad, or to know when to watch it. The forthcoming slots of the ad on television will air as follows.

On, 8 May, Election Day, South Africans have a choice to make between more of the same corruption and criminality from the failing ANC, or change that can unite South Africa, under a DA government.

A DA government would impose a minimum 15 year sentence in prison for corruption, and political corruption cases would be pursued without fear or favour.

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