A 33- Limpopo year-old advocate Pule Malahlela of Limpopo has launched ZAR Whiskey single grain which was produced three years ago.

ZAR Whiskey whiskey recently made a grand entrance officially in Durban at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Conference Centre.

Malahlela who teamed up with his scientist friend Mokgoba Nakeng who couldn’t hide his excitement said ZAR Whiskey is distilled by Qualito Craft Distillery in Ba-Phalaborwa in Limpopo. “We had a genuine interest in creating a unique black-owned beverage distribution and lifestyle events management business. This interest was borne out of a visit to the SAB Polokwane, Limpopo Province plant back in 2014, to experience first hand, the fascinating world of beverage production,”Malahlela added.

“Ours is to show the globe that there’s talent in South Africa as well as creating a legacy. It is a well known fact that not so many black people are given an opportunity in this whiskey industry. We want to grow significantly, our market share for all our products, particularly the previously marginalized individuals. ZAR will open doors of opportunities and markets which were previously allocated.”

“This whiskey has a chocolate aroma which is smooth, graceful and delicious. I’m of a view that ZAR Whiskey will scoop awards during the London Spirits Competition in March this year. I’ll be frank with you that when you are holding authentic hand-crafted South African whiskey up to the light you’ll be reminded of a Lowveld sunset or the heartwarming coals of a Rooikrans campfire. The rich golden tones are the gift of time.”

Nakeng said the ZAR Whiskey is aging in red win oak barrels and the distiller then adds oak flakes to each individual bottle which allows for maturing over time. “With the passage of time, notes of hazelnut and butterscotch flow gently into each other just like the Olifants and Gai Selati Rivers come together in this beautiful valley that we call home hence resulting is a perfectly balanced pure single grain with distinctive quality and exceptional smoothness,” she said.

“In keeping with the finest traditions of craft-distilling, we omit modern day chill-filtering thus adding ice or water might cause a slight haze to appear just like a gentle mist on a Phalaborwa spring morning.”

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