Limpopo soccer boss woes have escalated as his property is under attachment to be sold in execution by the Sheriff of the High Court.

This follows after he failed to pay maintenance, school fees and household services for his second wife and four kids from Brayanston in Gauteng. His second wife obtained an order for him to pay maintenance pending finalisation of their nasty divorce.

Her legal representative attorney Ntiyiso Mathebula confirmed that the soccer boss property in Lebowakgomo about 45 kilometres away from Polokwane has been attached has failed to adhere to the court judgement on the April 11, 2019 to settle outstanding school fees. The man confirmed that he is the biological father of one child following the DNA test results seen by this reporter. The soccer club owner said he suspected that one of the two children wasn’t his hence he took a decision to do the DNA tests. His second wife said the soccer team chief knew about the dynamics involving the child in question therefore he must subject himself to amnesia.

Mathebula said the soccer boss must pay R261 000 to avoid execution of his property, house, furniture and luxurious cars.

This reporter has seen the High Court of Gauteng Division, Johannesburg “writ of execution” attachment letter signed on May 10, 2019 informing the soccer team owner to also pay legal fees to be determined the legal team and the court.

“Should he disregard the court order the Sherriff will continue to visit his house to attach his property. Sheriff will attend to his house to attach and remove movable property. The property will be sold to realize the amount owed, as reflected on the warrant. The warrant amount is not final. If he doesn’t pay for the coming months, we will issue another one to execute. This means we may execute his property every month pending finalization of the maintenance and rule 43 application pending in the Johannesburg High Court,” Mathebula said.

The soccer team proprietor said he doesn’t recognise the attachment court order which dubbed “fraudulent” saying he defend anything through his legal team and will not leave any stone unturned. He also confirmed that indeed the Sherrif of the High Court visited his property saying that it belongs to his first wife. “They must go to my property in Polokwane not Lebowakgomo because the property belongs to my first wife,” he said.

In a letter seen by this reporter, Mathebula said: “Should your client fail to comply with the orders of Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa-Thusi, we hold instructions to apply for a further contempt of a court order and ask for direct incarceration for days not fewer than 60 days plus a punitive cost.

“You are further advised that, should you bring any application and/or act in any way that it could be interpreted that he intends to ignore or delay the compliance of any court orders granted by the high court, Johannesburg or any other court in the republic, we will bring an application asking that your client be declared a frivolous litigant and ask for punitive cost against him and yourselves.”

Mathebula said the parties had to negotiate further on other issues, failing which a court hearing will be held on May 9.

The woman was arrested last month for fraud after her husband claimed she had changed the ownership of his car to her name without his knowledge. She was released on a warning.

The soccer boss said the court ordered that he should pay so the children can go to school.

He further said “her attempt to have money paid to her personal lawyer will never happen. It’s out of sympathy that the order for children’s school fees is to be paid as I still have avenues to enforce the principle that I have no legal duty to maintain ex-stepchildren. Their biological fathers need to take responsibility.”

According to court documents, the couple had been married for more than 12 years. As part of her divorce settlement demands, the woman wants the soccer boss to pay R15,000 a month for each of “their four children”; R40,000 a month for lifelong spousal maintenance, or for “rehabilitative maintenance”, for the first five years after the divorce.

The wife also asked the court to compel her husband to take care of all medical expenses as well as educational needs for their children until they each complete their university studies.

The woman also claimed her husband was abusive. “The defendant was emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically abusive towards the plaintiff. The husband was an absent husband and/or father, ostensibly working long hours away from [his] erstwhile matrimonial home [in Johannesburg],” she said.

The man accused his wife of cheating on him. “She had an affair with another man. We must do DNA tests because I’m no longer sure those children are my biological children. I don’t trust her,” he said, labelling his wife a “pathological liar, drunkard, irresponsible and extravagant spender”.

By Mpho Dube

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