Hullabaloos of corruption levelled against Madubula Mabuza the former municipal manager of Mkhondo Municipality in Mpumalanga are without base therefore must seize to exist.

By Mpho Dube

Mabuza was never found guilty of any maladministration including outright claptrap with regard to tender contracts worth more than R300 million as reported by in the media. If indeed that was the case Mabuza would have been subject to law enforcement agencies and arrested for corruption however that was not the case.

Despite that the mayor of Mpumalanga’s Mkhondo municipality, Vusi Motha, survived a hit about three years ago for cancelling the tenders in question he never linked anything to Mabuza. To this date, no arrests were made following a confirmation by Mpumalanga police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi who was quoted on record saying “the police had not made a breakthrough in this case as yet, but investigations were continuing”.

Hlathi’s utterances were clear that such allegations remain accusations until police make any arrests therefore it will be deceitful to make any declaration. And equally there’s no evidence that Mabuza reserved jobs for his comrades.

The consultant contacted by the media who estimated the costs of the tender for 3km of Sanbank Village Road including six cast in situ box culverts, two precast portal culverts and one single carriageway bridge awarded to Bokosi Projects/Future JV on December 18 about four years ago could not be found after serious investigations.

The consultant doesn’t exist in the civil engineering profession. Therefore, his approximations that the project will cost not more than R31 million instead of the R84.1 million could not be substantiated. The consultant’s prerogatives will however be treated as indictments without evidence since he cannot be located to gridlock his assertions.

It is confirmed Mabuza consulted the council before the tender was advertised. In addition, Mabuza doesn’t not sit in the procurement committee section to influence tenders to be awarded to any company. In addition, he has no association with any companies bidding for tenders or either awarded. Residents of Mkhondo Municipality have commended Mabuza for his contribution as the former accounting officer.

Sfiso Vilakazi from Driefontein said: “The man improved the lives of the community. He contributed a lot to enhance the economic development of the municipality through infrastructure provision. It’s unfortunate that politicians often spread falls rumours to destroy people like Madubula Mabuza who were improving the lives of our people.”

Bongani Shongwe from Amsterdam echoed Dlamini’s sentiments: “To be honest with you, the last time I was employed was when Madubula was a municipal manager at Mkhondo and he had a gift to assist other poor families where he could, very accessible and provide feedback on issues brought to his attention without segregation. Mabuza was a real development activist who has a vision.”

“Today as we speak, Amsterdam town was starting to improve through his initiatives and provision of services both new and existing maintenance was not a challenge, the country needs people like Mabuza who are real revolutionaries. A man who improves the lives of the community must not be purged because this will always hamper service delivery.”

A reliable source (name withheld for avoiding victimisation) said: “If he was corrupt he was going to be arrested. Allegations against Mabuza are just a rented crowd media propaganda to destroy him. This allegation must seize to exist.”

The last time eThandakukhanya saw infrastructure development was during his time since 2006 till 2009 and ceased until he came back in 2013 till 2016, this talented young man cannot be compared to the current crop of officials presently employed in the municipality, the source added.

In a written response, Mabuza this week said: “There’s no veracity to the allegations levelled against me. I will not be deterred by people who blew hot air. There’s nothing to clear because there was never anything profound from the start of this allegations.”

Mabuza dismissed allegations that the project was overcharged considering the extra seven bridges covered in the scope. Earlier he told City Press that questions about this tender implied a political agenda: “I know that there are people with political motives who are spreading lies, because they want tenders in the municipality.”

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