admin October 18, 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Polokwane has submitted a motion to the Speaker of the Polokwane Municipality, Mariri Ralefatane, to be tabled in the next Council meeting pertaining to the continuous irregular disconnection of electricity without giving 14 days’ notice to the residents.

The DA has received numerous complaints from various community members who have been wrongly disconnected.

Furthermore, the Municipality consistently fails to timeously reconnect the electricity of those residents who were erroneously cut off, despite not owing the Municipality any money.

It is neither just nor fair that these residents have to suffer without electricity for extended periods while they have paid for these services.

Lack of proper communication or notice by the Municipality clearly contravenes the By-laws that stipulate that at least 14 days’ notice should be sent to the consumer prior to the disconnection.

However, this is not the case in the Polokwane Municipality and residents have come home to electricity that has been cut off without any warning or notice.

Some of the affected areas include the Polokwane CBD, Bendor, Seshego, Westenburg, Ivypark, Sterpark, Fauna Park, Flora Park, Moregloed, Nirvana, Welgelegen and Eduan Park.

What is extremely worrying is that some of these areas listed owe much less money to the Municipality than areas that were not affected by disconnections at all.

The Mankweng area owes more than R320 million, however, not a single complaint of electricity being cut has been received. It is alleged that Mankweng community’s electricity has not been disconnected for at least 3 years.

It is questionable as to why some areas have been unfairly and unjustly targeted, while other areas have not faced any consequences at all.

One cannot help but to question the motive and objectives behind these irregular decisions by the Municipality.

The Democratic Alliance’s motion proposes the following:

That the Municipality disconnects all areas in Polokwane without favour and in a fair and equal manner, after issuing the required 14 days’ notice;
That the Municipality furnishes a 14-day disconnection notice to all residents who are in arrears in Mankweng and other areas that do not currently appear on the disconnection list; and
That the 14-day notice that will be provided to residents includes a clause that allow residents who dispute the amount that is due and payable to make use of dispute resolution methods.
It is not the intention of the DA that those on the indigent list be negatively affected but that the poor, old and vulnerable be handled in an impartial manner regardless of where they live.

The DA will continue to fight for the equal and fair treatment of all residents of the Polokwane Municipality and we will not stand by as procedures aren’t followed and the rights of residents are trampled upon.

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