admin October 25, 2019

By Mpho MoAfrika Dube

ANC branch ward 70 known as Dr Yusuf Dadoo will on Saturday digest the issues of gender based violence in a joint programme with Ward 48. In accelerating this message to the public members of both branches will be wearing black as a sign of superimposing the statement that this unorthodox trends must seize to exist not only from men but women as well.

This event will take place at Silverhood Estate Clubhouse around lunch. Tshwane regional chairperson, Dr Kgoshi Maepa will be the guest speaker. Maepa is known for speaking veracity to supremacy without dread.

Tumelo Xhati branch secretary of Dr Yusuf Dadoo branch said: “This programme will assist in generating an accountable society that becomes an example to other countries as well as globally. We must thrive to have a society that is violence free while we are still dealing with other provocations such as joblessness, paucity and economic meltdown. We want to shape a non-sexist, nonviolent and non-racial society that is cohesive and patriotic against all forms of melancholy.”

Often men are personified as orchestrators of violence against women and children however equally women also abuse their husbands as well in front of their children. Cases of men abuse aren’t well documented because they face kangaroo courts. They are subjected to trepidation and marginalisation at the police station when they open cases of abuse against their wives or partners.

Tshepo Nkosi, chairperson of Dr Yusuf Dadoo branch said abuse has no colour, race and gender but its affects men and women as well as children and everyone. He also urges members of his branch to support this event. “It is important to always deal with the issues that are distressing our society. Men and women must not abuse each other as well as their children. We want our country to be the leader of the world in eliminating gender based violence. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the ANC branches to set a pace so that they become emulated by other parties as well countrywide. A healthy minded society will give birth to a virtuous nation with decent moral ethics.”

Azwi Nesengani, ANC branch election team coordinator and head of mobilization known for his passion of supporting the ANC will be leading the walk against gender based violence in the morning. Nesengani said: “We must always practice what we sermonise. We must never be terrified to confront this matters that are upsetting our humanity therefore this walk validates our obligation.”

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