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By Mpho MoAfrika John Dube

THE leadership of ANC Dr Yusuf Dadoo Branch this week has called on members of the ANC to refrain from factionalism and channel their energies in cementing unity within the ruling party.

This follows the branch recent gender based violence event which was graced by Tshwane ANC regional chairperson Dr Kgoshi Maepa who addressed members of ANC ward 70 Centurion during his keynote address when emphasising that unity is potent and imperative as well.

“I’m content to address members of Dr Yusuf Branch who continue to put the ANC on the map by accelerating the spirit of unity within the organisation led by comrade Cyril Ramaphosa who is championing this selflessness mandate by the ANC collective. I’m of a view that branches of the ANC will emulate Dr Yusuf Branch led by comrade Xhati and Nkosi. Their selflessness of not putting themselves first before anybody is not only exemplary but revolutionary not counterrevolutionary.’’

“We can never allow egos to subject branch leaders to gate keeping and factionalism. I condemn all forms of gender based violence against all our families. Men must lead love their children and wives. Women must also do the same because it will be disingenuous to personify men as monsters while they also suffer the same. I also urge women not to abuse their men as well as men to lead by example. We need a country that is not racial, sexist and violent for inner peace will give birth to sanity and progress,” Maepa said.

Branch secretary Tumelo Xhati seconded Tshepo Nkosi, branch chairperson who said during his report that the ANC declared this year to be the year of unity in action towards socio-economic freedom. “I agree with comrade Tshepo that indeed it is better to live for the idea that will live than to live for the idea that will die just like Steve Biko said. The enemy is yourselves for you have lost your own consciousness said John Langalibalele Dube. We also thank regional chairperson Dr Maepa for accelerating the message of unity to all our comrades,” said Xhati.

Nkosi said: “We cannot achieve objectives we set for ourselves and create the society envisioned in the Freedom Charter without the unity of our branch and our constituents. This theme unity must not only be in words but also tangible. The unity of the branch executive committee and its members is paramount and in the best interest of all South Africans. This is because the unity of members depends on the unity of the BEC as the leaders of society.”

Nkosi said this marks 9 years 10 months since the establishment of Dr Yusuf Dadoo Branch after the revised municipal demarcation. He said however that Dr Yusuf Dadoo Branch made some progress to undo this injustice of the past collectively as BEC. “However, by our own admission and to keep up with the targets we have set for ourselves, we needed to move at a faster pace. The importance of our historic task to build a capable, effective and efficient branch in the Centurion Zone cannot be overemphasized because it is inextricably a success thus far,” Nkosi said.

“The success of this branch lies in the acceptance by all members that a wrong was committed. I put it to you that the democratic branch has a right and even a duty to correct it. I trust that this today’s engagement will consider the progress made thus far and come up with proposals of how we can best accelerate the progress of this branch and serve our constituents with dignity and respect, work tirelessly until every branch member feels proud and happy to be part of Dr Yusuf Dadoo Branch.”

He also said there’s a need to establish the ANCYL in the branch following the establishment of the ANCWL.

“This transition requires a new cadre whose orientation is anchored on political discipline and commitment to the service of the people and the country. I’m proud of what we have achieved thus far as the Branch working together with your comrades as Leaders of the ANC Ward 70 ANC. Together as disciplined Cadres of the ANC we brought about an end to apartheid, achieved peace and stability, made the lives of millions of our people better and established a firm foundation for even faster progress,” Nkosi added.

“The Branch has thus far establishment WTT for Women’s Leagues (Round of Applause)

Comrades – As we move towards celebrating 9th years of the establishment of this Branch, we have to tell a story that will make our founding democratic members of this Branch proud. It is a story that says Centurion Zone the former (Verwoedburg Staad) has changed for the better through Ward 70 under the umbrella of ANC-led Government. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve the type of society we want.”

Xhati said: “The establishment of the ANCYL in our branch gives us as leaders and elders the responsibility to groom lads. We are worried that our youth is being subjected to nyaope and drugs which are affecting their lives. We can never allow our children to be walloped by this unorthodox trends for they are the future of tomorrow. We need to culture of grooming men and women who are going to take this country forward. In our culture, values, norms and believes we must plant seeds of responsibility and accountability. We also can never claim freedom if our children aren’t educated. We will ensure that they are educated and responsible.”

He also called members to desist from factionalism trends for they will destroy the ruling party. “Unity is key therefore any element of factionalism will never see the light in our branch,” said Xhati.

In conclusion Nkosi said: “We need to accelerate the pace we are moving on in executing the duties entrusted to us as the leaders of Dr Yusuf Dadoo Branch with diligence, without fear or favour and commit ourselves to serve in the programmes of the ANC. Some of the scholars once said a snake you see will not bite you. Leaders don’t need appointment, they abandoned themselves to a cause. They don’t need employment, they deploy themselves They don’t need reputation, they have character however long a log of wood stays under water, it doesn’t become a crocodile uttered BaKongo.”

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