admin February 11, 2020


Prominent businessman Tau Malebana of Dula Fela Entertainment has vowed to emulate philanthropists who have embarked on empowering communities from the countries of their birth.

Malebana of Ga-Dikgale in Limpopo known to his allies as “village boy” or “president” has touched the hearts of many with his Tau Malebana Foundation# Village Boy. He has urged businessmen countrywide to refrain from marginalising their fellow countrymen through their demagoguery tendencies.

“It will be disingenuous to brag about your wealth however you aren’t giving back to the communities.

Let’s become real revolutionaries who have embarked on changing the lives of the previously disadvantaged communities. I do this in many ways including organising local football and netball tournaments. I also do events as well to empower for charity indeed begins at home,” Malebana added.

Malebana is of a view that government cannot do it alone to address community distresses orchestrated by the past regime which contributed to poverty especially to black people who are the majority while the economy remains to this day in the hands of the minority.

“The greatest revolution is to love your neighbour as yourselves. Never allow pompousness to blind your consciousness. You can never claim freedom while the majority are still subjected to economic inequalities. Therefore, it is imperative and potent to assist government as business people to the best of our abilities,” Malebana added.

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