admin August 19, 2020

By: Justice Pitso

Yesterday I received  a much revealing call from one of my friends, who is a South African white farmer. He said to me that the sunset is taking into the nights the glory of the day.

What he said was he is not sure if the sunrise will bring the same glory into the morning, but that the ANC is fast vanishing into oblivion. He said we made a mistake during the negotiations period, we were at least supposed to call the sunset clause the sunrise clause, which is basically about the rise of a new nation, which in its majority is the black people in general. and Africans, in particular.
He said the big boys have effectively manipulated the COVID-19 pandemic to throw the ANC into a fast flowing river, citing that the problem with black people is that they don’t know how to steal, and that the big boys, meaning the white monopoly have since the declaration of the Apartheid state seventy two (72) years ago, mastered the art of stealing and how to conceal their loot.
That the allegations of corruption around the procurement of the COVID-19 necessities is like having hunted an impala, and after finishing its meat throwing bones to the dogs. His assertion was that big capital used the pandemic to deepen racial inequalities and further destroyed the ANC, that the purpose of the widely published allegations of corruption, which is mostly focused on black people, is in the main used to destroy the ANC.
The question he asked me was where is the five hundred billion rands allocated to combat the spread the virus, how was it spent and who benefited out of it? Who procured the goods from countries such as China and how much was spent, at how much were the goods sold and how much profits were scored? He said why are we fighting for the bones and not asking about the meat.
The phone call has left me with more question to me than answers, it cannot be the way things are going now,  the question is where is the five hundred billions rands and how was it spent. All what we need is full accountability in order to bring our people into confidence.
Ambassador Phatse Justice Piitso is the Chief of staff in the office of the ANC Secretary General writing this in his personal capacity.

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